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Saturday, April 23, 2011


chaos audio teorie – extrange attractors–[from mathematical functions to organic jungle sounds]

EP: one track 25 minutes + code (pure data)
Release generated from the heretical use and the experimentation with the sonic possibilities of the iterative function “logistics” in a “complex number” versión [real+imaginary].

Inspirated but desviated from the research and work by “Elaine A. Walker”

f(xn+1) = 1 – rxn2

adding chaos to the chaos
jumping from attractor to attractor
eternal instability

3d Fractals modulate the temporal frequency of the iterations (Chaos PD external by Ben Bogart) Audio generators : I used [polywavesynth] a polyphonic synthesizer for Pure Data by Phil Stone and some other more simple oscilator, [nqsint] + FM-AM .
After record some audio blocks using the code included. I edited and mixed them into Ardour.

software : Pure Data + Ardour Linux: Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Download Audio  VBR MP3 31mb 
Download Audio WAV 256.6 mb
Download CODE (pureData)
noish [oscar martin]

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sound compilation ursonatefanzine nº 001

:::::::::::::::::DOWNLOAD ::::::::::500mb:::::20 audio tracks:::::


01::::::::Happy Birthday:::::::::Sergio Luque:::::::


03::::::::nxUrsonate04::::::::Miquel Parera::::::::

04:::::New Atlantic Ursonate::::::Ruben Patiñ

05::::Sin título para Ursonate:::::::Oier I.A.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


07:::strips of light through glass:::Daniel del

08:::Nosce te ipsum II:::::::::::Carlos

09:::::::untitled#247:::::::::::::Francisco López::::::::


11::::::::Silencio urz:::::::::::::::::Pablo Reche::::::

12:::::ursonate BUG:::::::::::::::::Pangea::::::::

13::::::::noisedelic 1:::::::::::Luis Marte::::::::::

14::3 Cunas Violadas:::::Christian

15::::::::San Vito::::::::::::::::::Ponzoña:::::::::::::


17::::Lxs Hijxs del Páramo:::::C-utter:::::::::::::

18:::::word trade zombi:::::::::::::Kakofunk::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


20:::Beautiful Noise (Silence Trope Version):::Neil Diamond/Juan Gil:::::::::::


Este nuevo número del fanzine lo acompañamos de nuestra primera compilación sonora. La idea de partida era abarcar algunas de las diferentes prácticas y formas de entender la experimentación con el sonido. Incluimos cosas que van desde las vertientes más relacionadas con el “field recordings” y sus procesados a trabajos más relacionados con la numerología sónica y las matemágicas (generativa, algorítmica, basada en probabilidad, ect..), tambien incluimos improvisación, drone-analógico abrasivo, livecoding y algunas tracks inclasificables…

No teníamos la pretensión de hacer una compilación exhaustiva ni representativa, es decir no cubrimos todas las diferentes ópticas ni están todos los que nos hubieran gustado incluir, teníamos que guardar algunas joyas para próximas compilaciones… En cuanto a la organización temporal de las tracks, más que fijarnos en la importancia o reconocimiento de los autores (contamos con el placer de pode incluir al grande y cercano Francisco López) hemos intentado construir un hilo conductor atendiendo a la materia sonora, asociando las tracks a diferentes bloques e intentando que las transiciones de unos a otros no fueran demasiado abruptos. Agredecer aquí a todos colaboradores de la compilación su apoyo sonoro al fanzine..


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Al fin en las ondas!!
metaminaFNR es un stream continuo de audio. Un patch de Pure Data corriendo en un servidor elíge aleatoriamente tracks de audio que lee de un archivo de texto y que estan alojadas en y otros hosts. Incluye propuestas de artesonoro, ruidismo, música generativa y algoritmica, improvisación, fieldrecordings, microsounds, todas ellas de marcado caracter experimental y bajo licencias “abiertas”

metaminaFNR is 24h audio stream. A PD patch is running in a server. It chose by random diferents audio-urls from a txt file and play them. Almost all the audio tracks are hosted at In the selection you will listen soundart, noise, algorithmic and generative music, improvisations, field-recordings, microsounds, all of them with a strong experimental character and under “open” licenses.

web : contenido-concepto-code-howto-labels-stream

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Review BigFork (noish + xedh) at The Sound Projector

Noish + Xedh
Big Fork
AMP-RECS AMP053 online release
aMor/discos CDR

Spanish electronica artiste Miguel A.
García impressed us last ish with his

“stern and severe” approach to
very minimal electronic noise on
Armiarmak. On Big Fork García
appears under his xedh guise
alongside fellow player noish, and
together they stew up four
gorgeous tracks of edgy, fizzy,

electronic mashed turnip paste, with
plenty of mesmerising power
leaking out through the wodges of
dense sparking-plugging mayhem.
They can sometimes drift into the
unchallenging droney-ambient
comfort stations, but I like them

best when their eruptions are
abrasive and slightly cruel,
suggesting a degree of friendly
sadism. The tracks are expressed as
complex streams of characters
which are too hard to type, but the
15-minute opener piece is a strong

one, containing four or five separate
ideas which seem to fold in and out
as if operated by a restless hand
tuning the shortwave radio dial. It
creates a vaguely daydreamy
sensation which is not unpleasant.

The second track is more full-on
and brutal, and for three minutes
one endures the goring of a
snorting electronic bull. The fourth
long track is again episodic, like the
first, but not quite as thrilling or

unpredictable. On the cover,
detourned versions of Disney
cartoon characters gamble, drink
and smoke cigars, but it's an image
of funny sleazy degradation that Big
Fork can't quite live up to.
The Sound Projector  Music magazine and radio show



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