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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Noise Dreams Machina is a sound art project that started in March of 2006 in the city of Berlin, from a record carried out in the domestic environment of my kitchen, concretly of my interstellar washing-machine, project in continues development, pollution and deterioration. Following a creative line placed some where among “Concretist, Noise Retro-Futurist and Error Aesthetics of the Post-digital Electronic Music”n and some times it happens that me detour.
Line that departs from a deep listening and exploration of the creative potencial from it that conventional we called “reality” and cosses especially the peripheral zone of the sonorous daily phenomenon, focusing what in our conscience was in the second plane, the information hidden in our perception, the blind point. In this territory I take the sonorous raw material (analogic record) and start a deconstruction and mutation across the possibilities that the digital code offers to us, provoking meaningfully the mistake in the transfer of information “analogic to digital” alising: using a sampling rate lower than the correct one, generating extra information, not foreseen, deceived by the machine.
From here and across softwares like Audacity, PD, SuperCollider,Ardour… I get in the sound to microscopic level for disect,to give it the return, to stretch it, to extend small shades before impercptibles…ect. After this process we obtain “blocks of sonorous expression” of dimensions and changeable heterogeneity, which already don not refer to a reality but which have entity by themself. With these blocks the piece was created. About the compositive criterion, it is the same material and their dynamics those who are suggesting the structure and the articulation of the piece until creating new one “Sonorous Universe of Devenires”.
In this way and although the final piece obtained transportation us to an imaginary soundscape, tries to open a route of active listening and generate a different conscience or sensibility towards the perception of the sonorous phenomenon.

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